Quick loans, money instantly and without complications.

23 Mar

Do you need fast money to boost your goals or get out of trouble? You are in the right place! At Panacédito we have immediate and uncomplicated loans for you. We offer loans instantly so you can start your projects, pay off your debts or for whatever you need.

The most important thing is to provide quick solutions, so we give you an immediate response and make the payment in less than 24 hours. In 1 minute you fill your online loan application and in a few minutes a financial advisor will call you to assist you, give you immediate pre-approval and send you the appraiser and the contracts at home so that you have your money the same day.

We are interested in facilitating the amount you need to cover small incidentals or achieve your big goals

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The only requirements to take your loan instantly are:

  • 1 minute of your time and an email
  • Be of this planet, of legal age and have a valid identification document
  • Public, private or independent employee
  • Have a guarantee or a solidarity guarantor

Among many advantages of working with us you will have:

  • Loan approval in less than 24 hours
  • Home service during the entire management
  • Personalized attention and financial advice
  • Minimum paperwork
  • Comfortable installments, adjusted to your ability to pay
  • Fixed interest
  • We do not take your credit history into account

How do we work to give you a quick loan the same day?

quick loans money

Once you have completed your loan application online , in a few minutes one of our advisors will call you to find out your need and guide you. That same agent is the one in charge of taking care of your case and accompanying you until the disbursement.

During the conversation our advisor will tell you that your loan is pre-approved, that’s when we send you an appraiser to the address you have to evaluate your vehicle and make sure everything works well. Then, the advisor visits you to take the contract to the door of your home or office, so you can read it and sign it with peace of mind. We handle everything with home delivery so you do not have to ask for permits in your work or move to our offices and avoid plugs. The management lasts only a few hours and the same day we give you your money: A quick and uncomplicated loan .