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For many, controlling and reducing fixed household expenses is one of the most complicated tasks that exist, because they do not know where to start or what types of expenses to cut. However, with the right advice, cutting household expenses is not an impossible task. So if you want to know how to have more money available for the most important expenses like your mortgage, here we show you how to cut everyone else, pay attention!

Without a doubt, the mortgage is one of the most important expenses of our economy. When a mortgage is contracted, it becomes the largest expense we have and, no doubt, our income is limited. For this reason, it is important to learn to reduce other expenses and have as much money as we can to pay off the mortgage and for other possible unforeseen expenses or emergencies that we have to cover.

So if you find yourself in this situation and want to learn how to reduce the other expenses of your home, you came to the right place! Here are the vital tips to have more money at your disposal.


1. Sort your expenses by sections

expenses loan

The first thing you should do to know where you can cut your expenses, is to classify them. Make a notebook and divide it into four sections: survival, cultural, optional and extras. In the survival section enter all those fixed expenses that you cannot stop paying per month: the mortgage, the expenses of food, electricity, water, internet, insurance, etc. In the culture section enter any expenses related to education such as training, book purchase, online courses, etc.

Now, in the optional enter all those expenses that you can or cannot do per month such as buying clothes, cosmetics, discos, trips to restaurants, etc. And in extras add any unforeseen or craving that may arise, such as that chocolate that you crave in the store for example.

Classifying your expenses in this way will allow you to be constant and reduce the expense in what you are considering month after month, because you will realize what percentage of your income you really spend in the optional or extra section for example.


2. Save on survival expenses

2. Save on survival expenses

Once you have classified the expenses, start to see what you can reduce in each of your sections, starting with the survival ones, which are undoubtedly the most difficult to reduce, but not impossible. For example, you can opt for a much cheaper internet, cable and telephone plan than you already have, that is, you should not be seduced by the latest offers and that variety of channels on the cable. Always try to value what you need and do that for a while, you will see how you save on your bill every month.

With water and electricity try to lower the fee, that is, make the purpose of using less water or turn off all the lights that are not being used in the house. Although the reduction in your bill is not much, you will see how it makes a difference.


3. Reduce cultural expenses

reduce home expenses

In the same way, opt for cheaper plans or options to reduce the expenses of this section. That is, instead of buying physical books, why don’t you opt for digital ones for a while? They are much cheaper.


4. Eliminate optional or extra expenses

4. Eliminate optional or extra expenses

These are undoubtedly the sections that you can eliminate or reduce as much as possible. For example, choose to eat at home instead of eating out; choose not to buy those chocolates or that coffee that you crave so much every day; Choose not to buy thousands of pairs of shoes of the same color.

Reducing ant expenses like these is vital so that you can have more money available for expenses that really matter and so that you don’t get too tired during those months or years in which you are paying your mortgage.

Finding the ideal home is not a simple task, but applying and getting the most suitable mortgage if it can be. If you need more advice on the subject, do not hesitate to contact us! We invite you to click on the image below to learn more about mortgage loans and achieve your immediate goals.

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Bank deposits have been very popular for several years. Not so long ago, this product offered really very attractive interest rates. for an assessment

The interest rate on deposits in the case of promotional products could not even be more than 10%. If you paid a large sum of money for such a deposit, you could really make a profit after a few months.

What can we gain by opening a bank deposit?


Today, this situation has unfortunately changed a lot, due to the economic crisis. Although it is claimed that this problem of our country does not apply so much, ordinary citizens know perfectly well that it is different. The economic crisis meant that interest rates were reduced to a record low. This in turn results in the fact that the interest rate on deposits is now at a very poor level. However, it is still worth using this option.
In search of this perfect deposit

Bank deposits give us great security when it comes to our savings. Keeping them at home would still make us nervous if someone was robbing us in our absence. In addition, various disasters can cause that our money will be irretrievably lost. It is completely different on deposits.

Each of them guarantees that the money will be returned in full


Regardless of the situation. The Guarantee Fund is an additional guarantee. It returns up to USD 100,000 without asking in the event of a bank’s financial problems. The best deposits are, of course, those with a high interest rate, but in fact each of these products is good because of security.

To find the best deposits for yourself these days it is worth using the internet. There we will find a special deposit comparison that can help us make the right decision. Using the internet means that we don’t have to waste time visiting banks or wasting money on commuting.
Deposit parameters

Comparison of bank deposits 2013 makes it very easy for us to find the best savings product. Bank deposits in this list can be sorted according to several criteria. These are the duration of the deposit, the minimum payment and of course the interest rate. Searching is much easier thanks to the ability to match this list according to these criteria.

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Banks regularly tempt potential customers by offering them “loans with an interest rate of USD 0” and “loans with zero interest”. Unfortunately, after a deeper analysis of such offers, it often turns out that they are no longer as attractive as they appear. In the article we will check whether you can get a free loan from the bank. We will also tell you what in practice lies under the tempting sounding slogans “loan with 0 percent interest rate”.

When analyzing the offers of loans available on the market, most people pay attention primarily to their interest rate. In the eyes of many potential customers, lower interest is a cheaper loan.

Is this really the case?

money cash

Unfortunately, this thinking is not reflected in reality. It often turns out that a lower-interest loan in practice turns out to be more expensive than the one charged with standard interest. How it’s possible? The total cost of the loan consists not only of interest, but also commission, any preparation fee or insurance. This is the sum of all fees. Lack of interest on loans with 0% interest rate, banks often compensate for the inflated commission. To illustrate this relationship, we will use a specific example.

The value that accurately illustrates the total cost of borrowing money per year is the APRC, which is the actual annual interest rate. It includes all the costs associated with borrowing money. The lower the APRC, the cheaper the loan.

Free bank loan?

money cash

Do banks offer free loans? Is it possible to take a loan from the APRC in the amount of 0% using their services? Unfortunately, it is not possible to take out a bank loan for USD 0. The only option banks offer their clients are loans with 0% interest rate. Although it may perceive them as extremely beneficial, the real costs of such financing are no longer so attractive.

If you want to borrow money absolutely free, use the services of a non-bank financial institution that provides free payday loans.

The loan is cheaper than in a bank

money cash

Although hard to believe, popular payday loans don’t have to be expensive. What’s more, they can be much cheaper than bank loans. Cheaper and even completely free. Currently, there are as many as a dozen or so websites providing free loans. These are financial products targeted only at new customers. The purpose of granting them is to attract (and retain) as many new clients as possible.

When you get a free payday loan, you will be required to pay the lender exactly the amount you borrowed from him. You will not pay any interest, commission, insurance or any other borrowing costs – the APRC of the free payday loan is 0%.

Although loan companies do not earn directly on providing free loans, the source of profit is for their clients who stay “for longer”. For example, those who, after paying off their first free loan, will reach for another one, in the standard way.


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Request a loan to a private person

Request a loan to a private person

REUNIFY DEBTS AND LOANS WITH ASNEF For the realization of your projects !!! the solution for your financial problem loans fast and urgent money in all Spain I am a person who offers international loans. Loan money between special offers get your loan from. Oct 25 The process to apply for personal loans from peer to peer is outlined to connect you to a particular lender in a network to finance your loan. If you are properly connected, you can receive the money you need in as little as 24 hours (business day). Then, you will have between 6. Private lenders, private loans, people-to-person loans, fast loans, quick loans, quick money, private capital, loans with asnef. what requirements are to be able to opt for a loan of 2, usd, I have a bar but I need to make some remodeling and request some permits.

solicitar prestamo a un particular

Request a loan from a private individual

Small businesses have great problems to obtain financing and to be able to face the necessary investments to be able to grow. Hello I need help me I need Good morning Jahaira, it is not possible because we only work in Spain. I ask from what amount you borrow and what interest, how would be the way to cancel the debt or mortgage, I am attentive to your answer many thanks, att Lina Roldan. Hello good afternoon I need urgent to pay some debts, I have fixed payroll d euros and I think I’m in the asnef. Hello Natalia, loans with asnef we have several. Good afternoon Manuel, we only work in Spain so it would not be possible to request a loan from a private person, Regards. There are several possible answers. Hello Monica for that kind of amount you will have to process the micro loan. To apply for a loan you have to choose one of the p2p loan entities that we show you at the beginning of the article and fill out the online application form. Bitbond has shown that it is the ideal platform for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who need to obtain loans from individuals in bitcoin and thus be able to grow their business.

Request a loan from a private individual

The time of the infallible chiefs full of egos is over. Our goal is to make credit card comparisons as simple and transparent as possible while remaining vigilant and critical in the way that we assess the leading credit card offers. When it comes to interpersonal conflict, the apology must be requested as soon as possible to prevent it from undermining the relationship or the work climate; and to minimize the harmful effect, when it is a mistake that we have made.

They are food grade, but can also be used for candles. He comes to ask for my hand, he comes to sound some sticks that he loves me forever. We hope to help big condition and protect against you come along with payment for a few days money payday loans in 10 minutes. They make loans to other countries x example Uruguay. Hi, I needed to request a loan to repair my work source, a boat since I am a fisherman.


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There are a variety of different credit models available on the market. Often, the purpose determines which loan is possible and most favorable. Among other things, banks distinguish between the following loans:

  1. Auto loans
  2. real estate loans
  3. consumer loans
  4. Mail order loans
  5. renovation loan


What costs do you have to pay attention to when making a comparison?

What costs do you have to pay attention to when making a comparison?

In addition to the interest rate, borrowing may incur additional costs, which you must include in your calculation. For example, there may be processing fees that are payable once. The amount varies from bank to bank and the differences are sometimes very large. Many banks also offer the option of taking out a residual debt insurance. This is mandatory for some contracts, not for other degrees. Such insurance secures the installment payment if the policyholder becomes unemployed, incapacitated or unable to make monthly payments for similar reasons.

Auto loans

Auto loans

Automobile loans are taken out for the financing of motor vehicles and can be concluded through the dealership or its affiliated bank. Here it is best if the buyers are guided by the actions. Often, interest-free loans or loans are offered on favorable terms for a specified period. Information about the respective offers can be found in advertising and banner ads. You can also ask directly at various car dealerships and specifically inquire about such promotions.

real estate loans

real estate loans

If you want to buy a house or apartment, then it is advisable to talk to your own house bank first. Here customers usually receive the cheapest contracts. In a comparison, the duration of all offers must be the same. The shorter the term, the cheaper the costs. The house or the apartment is usually used as security, a deposit then leads again to more favorable conditions. An equity capital performance of around 20 percent is recommended.

Consumer loans, mail-order loans and renovation loans

Consumer loans, mail-order loans and renovation loans

For mail-order loans, you are bound to the respective supplier. The interest rates depend very much on the term. Consumer loans and renovation loans can be taken out at banks. A comparison is worthwhile. Interest rates on these loans are often slightly higher than on other types of loans, as there are no collateral, such as auto loans or real estate loans.


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Do you need fast money to boost your goals or get out of trouble? You are in the right place! At Panacédito we have immediate and uncomplicated loans for you. We offer loans instantly so you can start your projects, pay off your debts or for whatever you need.

The most important thing is to provide quick solutions, so we give you an immediate response and make the payment in less than 24 hours. In 1 minute you fill your online loan application and in a few minutes a financial advisor will call you to assist you, give you immediate pre-approval and send you the appraiser and the contracts at home so that you have your money the same day.

We are interested in facilitating the amount you need to cover small incidentals or achieve your big goals

Money,loan form

The only requirements to take your loan instantly are:

  • 1 minute of your time and an email
  • Be of this planet, of legal age and have a valid identification document
  • Public, private or independent employee
  • Have a guarantee or a solidarity guarantor

Among many advantages of working with us you will have:

  • Loan approval in less than 24 hours
  • Home service during the entire management
  • Personalized attention and financial advice
  • Minimum paperwork
  • Comfortable installments, adjusted to your ability to pay
  • Fixed interest
  • We do not take your credit history into account

How do we work to give you a quick loan the same day?

quick loans money

Once you have completed your loan application online , in a few minutes one of our advisors will call you to find out your need and guide you. That same agent is the one in charge of taking care of your case and accompanying you until the disbursement.

During the conversation our advisor will tell you that your loan is pre-approved, that’s when we send you an appraiser to the address you have to evaluate your vehicle and make sure everything works well. Then, the advisor visits you to take the contract to the door of your home or office, so you can read it and sign it with peace of mind. We handle everything with home delivery so you do not have to ask for permits in your work or move to our offices and avoid plugs. The management lasts only a few hours and the same day we give you your money: A quick and uncomplicated loan .


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The possibility of losing your home for not being able to meet your mortgage payments can be frightening. Perhaps you are one of the many consumers who took a mortgage with a fixed rate applicable during the first two or three years and who later began to apply an adjustable rate. Or maybe you are anticipating an interest rate adjustment and want to know how much the amount of your monthly installments will be and whether or not you will be able to pay the fees. Or you may also be having trouble covering your expenses due to a financial crisis unrelated to your mortgage.

Whatever the reason your mortgage is causing you anxiety, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC ), the national consumer protection agency, wants you to know what you can do to save your home. and how to recognize and avoid foreclosure scams .

Know your mortgage

Know your mortgage

Do you know what type of mortgage you have? Do you know if your fees will increase? If these questions can not be answered by reading the documents you received at the closing when you purchased the property, contact the mortgage servicer and ask any questions you consider necessary. The administrator of your mortgage is the loan entity charged with collecting the monthly payments and responsible for crediting your account.

Here are some examples of the most common types of mortgages:

  • Hybrid Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs ): This is a mortgage that is canceled through the payment of fixed fees during the first years and then becomes a variable rate loan. Some of these combined mortgages have names such as ARM 2/28 or 3/27: the first number corresponds to the number of years during which a fixed rate will be applied and the second number refers to the number of years during which will apply an adjustable rate. Another type of combined adjustable rate mortgages are those known as ARM 5/1 or 3/1: the first number corresponds to the number of years during which a fixed rate will be applied and the second number refers to the frequency of the changes or rate adjustments. For example, in a combined adjustable rate mortgage ( hybrid ) or ARM 3/1 a fixed interest rate will be applied for three years and thereafter the rate will be adjusted every year.
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs ): This is a mortgage to which an adjustable interest rate is applied from the beginning, which means that the amounts of your monthly payments will change over time.
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage : This is a mortgage to which a fixed rate is applied during the entire duration of the loan; the only change that could affect the amount of your payments would result from changes in the amounts for taxes and insurance in the event that you have established an escrow account with the loan entity.
    If you have a mortgage with a combined adjustable rate or a variable or adjustable rate and the amounts of your monthly payments are going to increase – and you have trouble coping with higher payments – find out if you can do a refinance by taking a loan with a fixed rate. First, check your contract to see if you’ll be fined for clearing the mortgage before term. Many ARM mortgages set penalties for paying the amount before the established term. In this case if you decide to refinance during the first years of the mortgage you will have to pay thousands of dollars in penalties. If you are planning to sell your home shortly after you begin to adjust the interest rate, it may not be convenient to refinance. But if you intend to stay in your home for a long period, it might be best to switch to a mortgage with a fixed rate. On the Internet you can find calculation tools that will help you determine the costs and amounts of your payments.

If you fell behind with your payments

If you fell behind with your payments

If you are having trouble paying your monthly payments, contact your loan administrator as soon as possible to discuss your options. Most of these entities are willing to try to find solutions with clients who act in good faith and communicate as soon as they have problems. The longer it takes to communicate with your loan administrator, the fewer options you will have. If you have three or four monthly installments without paying your loan you will default ( default ), and most lenders will no longer accept a partial payment of the past due debt. At this point, unless you appear with the money necessary to cover all unpaid payments and the applicable charges for the delay, the loan entity will initiate the foreclosure procedure.

How to avoid getting into default and foreclosure

If you have fallen behind with your mortgage payments, consider discussing the following options to prevent foreclosure with your loan servicer:

Mortgage Reinstatement: This option allows you to pay the entire amount of the unpaid arrears, plus any applicable charges or fines for the late payment, to a specific date agreed between you and your loan administrator. This option may be appropriate if your arrears on the mortgage payments are due to a temporary problem.

Repayment plan: In this option, the administrator of your loan grants you a fixed period of time to repay the amount due by adding a part of the amount due to the amount of your regular monthly payments. This option could be appropriate if you only failed to pay a few monthly installments.

Tolerance for breach of payment ( forbearance ): This option reduces the amount of your monthly payments or are suspended for a period of time agreed between the administrator of your loan and you. At the end of that period, you resume your regular payment program and also assume the payment of a larger amount or commit to make additional partial payments for a certain number of months to get up to date with your loan. Tolerance for nonpayment of payment may be an appropriate option if your income is temporarily reduced, (for example, if you took a disability work license but plan to resume your full-time job in the short term). Tolerance for nonpayment of payment is not an option that can help you if you live in a house that is out of your budget.

Loan Modification : In this option you establish an agreement with your loan administrator to permanently change one or more terms of your mortgage contract so that you can face the monthly payments more easily. Modifications may include lowering the interest rate, extending the term of the loan, or adding the amount of unpaid monthly payments to the total loan. A modification of your mortgage may be necessary if you are going through a reduction in your income that you expect to last long term.

Before consulting tolerance options for default or a loan modification, be prepared to show that you are making a good faith effort to pay off your mortgage. For example, if you can show that you have reduced other expenses, your loan administrator is more likely to be willing to negotiate.

Sale of your home: Depending on the conditions of the real estate market in your area, the sale of your home may be able to provide the necessary funds to pay off all of your mortgage debt.

Bankruptcy : Generally, bankruptcy or personal bankruptcy is considered the option of last resort because it has a high negative impact in the long term. Bankruptcy remains recorded on your credit report for a period of 10 years, which can make it difficult for you to get credit, buy another house, get life insurance or, sometimes, get a job. However, bankruptcy is a legal procedure that can offer the possibility of starting again those people who can not meet the payment of their debts.

If you can not agree with the lender that manages your mortgage to resolve your problem through a repayment plan or other solution, you may want to investigate if you can file your bankruptcy filing under the terms set forth in Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Law. In case you have stable income, Chapter 13 may allow you to keep your assets, such as a mortgaged house or a car, that is, assets that you might otherwise lose. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the court approves a debt repayment plan that allows you to use your future income to pay off your debts over a period of three to five years instead of losing ownership of your debts. goods. After you have fulfilled all the payments stipulated in the plan, you will receive a discharge of some debts.

For more detailed information on Chapter 13, visit the US Office of the Receivership Program website. (in English); This organization is part of the US Department of Justice, and oversees bankruptcy cases and its liquidators.

If you have contracted a mortgage with the Federal Housing Administration (in English) or through the Veterans Administration (in English), you may have other alternatives to avoid foreclosure on your home. To discuss your options, check the websites.

How to establish contact with your loan administrator

How to establish contact with your loan administrator

Before you start any kind of conversation about your problem with the representative of the loan entity that manages your mortgage, prepare yourself. Record your income and expenses and calculate the net value of your mortgage amortization or accumulation. To calculate the amount of the accumulated net value, calculate the market price and subtract the balance of your first mortgage, and if you had a second mortgage or a loan on the mortgage accumulation, also subtract that balance. Then write down the answers to the following questions:

  • For what reasons did you default on your mortgage (s) payment (s)? Do you have a document that shows the reasons for your arrears? How did you try to solve this problem?
  • Is your problem temporary, long-term or permanent? What are the changes that you foresee for your situation in both the short and the long term? What are the other financial issues that could be preventing you from catching up on your mortgage payments and continuing to make payments?
  • What would you like to happen? Do you want to keep the house? What type of payment agreement would be the most feasible for you?

Throughout the foreclosure prevention process, do the following:

  • Write down all the communications you have with the representative of the mortgage company, including the dates and times of the conversations, the type of contact (personal, by phone, e-mail, fax or postal mail), the name of the representative of the institution of loan and the results of communications.
  • Follow up in writing all the conversations that you have with the representative of the entity that administers your loan by sending you a letter with the detail of the verbal treatment. Send your letter by certified mail “with receipt of receipt” (“return receipt requested”) to have proof of receipt of your correspondence. Keep a copy of your letter and the attached documents.
  • Comply with all the terms granted by the entity that administers your loan.
  • Stay at home during the prevention process because if you move, you may not be able to benefit from certain types of assistance. If you rent your home, it will no longer be your primary residence and will become an investment property. Most likely, this situation will prevent you from availing yourself of the benefits of any other type of additional assistance that your loan administrator may provide to try to solve your problems. If you choose this path, make sure that the amount of rent received for the rent is considerable enough to help you obtain a loan and meet the payments.

Consider giving up your home without facing foreclosure

Not all situations can be resolved through the foreclosure prevention programs established by the loan entity that administers your mortgage. If you are unable to keep your home, or if you do not want to keep it, consider the following options:

Selling your home: If you put your home for sale or have a pending sales contract, your loan administrator may postpone the foreclosure procedure. This method can work if the amount obtained from the sale of the property is enough to pay the entire balance of the loan plus expenses related to the sale of the house (such as the commission of your real estate agent). Selling your home in these conditions would also allow you to avoid paying late fees and legal costs; In this way, you could also avoid damaging your credit rating and allow you to protect the net worth of the depreciation or mortgage accumulation on your property .

Sale at a loss or discount: It is possible that before starting the foreclosure procedure, the loan entity that manages your mortgage allows you to sell your home on your own and agrees to forgive the difference between the sale price and the balance of the mortgage. your mortgage Through this option, you can prevent a foreclosure on your credit report from damaging your credit rating. It may be that you have to take care of the payment of taxes levied on the amount of your debt forgiven. For more information, consider consulting with a financial advisor, accountant or attorney.

Deed in lieu of foreclosure: In this option, you voluntarily transfer your deed of title to the loan entity that manages your mortgage (with the prior agreement of the entity) in exchange for the cancellation of the balance of your debt. Even if you lose your home, the option to deed your property in the mortgage lender’s name instead of being executed may be less detrimental to your credit rating. You will lose the amount of what you have capitalized as amortization of the mortgage on your property, and you may have to pay the taxes levied on the forgiven amount of your debt. It may be that the deed-in-lieu of foreclosure option is not an option in your case if you have some other loan or financial commitment secured by your property.

Housing and credit counseling

Housing and credit counseling

You do not have to go through the foreclosure prevention process alone. A counselor who works in a housing counseling agency can assess your situation, answer your questions, examine your options, prioritize your debts and help you prepare for discussions with the lender. In general, these counseling services are free or low cost.

Although some agencies limit their counseling services only to those homeowners who have mortgages contracted with the FHA, there are many other agencies that offer free help to any homeowner who is having trouble meeting their mortgage payments. Call the local office of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. , or contact the appropriate authority in your state, city or county to help you find an advisory agency on legitimate housing issues close to your home. Or, consider contacting the NeighborWorks® Center for Foreclosure Solutions organization at 888-995-HOPE or . This organization is an initiative of NeighborWorks America.

Stay alert to scams

Stay alert to scams

The scammers are attentive to news headlines and are well aware that there are homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments or who are at risk of losing the home due to foreclosure. These opportunists have arguments that can give you the impression of being what you needed to get out of the well, but your intentions are not honest at all. The only thing that interests them is to get their money. Predatory scams that have been reported include the following:

  • The Foreclosure Prevention Specialist: In truth, the “specialist” is just a fake advisor who charges outrageous charges in exchange for making a few phone calls or completing some forms that any owner could do on their own. None of the actions of this “specialist” will prevent you from saving your home from foreclosure. This scam offers false hope to homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure, delays in resorting to qualified assistance and exposes the financial information of the victims by putting them in the hands of a scammer.
  • Rental scheme / repurchase: In this scheme, scammers cheat homeowners by having them sign the deeds of their homes in the name of an opportunistic fraudster who tells them that they can stay in their homes as tenants and buy back the property with the over time. Usually, the terms and conditions of this scheme are so demanding that buying the house again becomes an impossible mission, and then what happens is that the owner is evicted and the “rescuer” leaves without notice with the greatest part or all of the net worth of the mortgage accumulation.
  • “Jackhair” or bait-and-switch : The trick of this scam is to make an owner believe that he is signing documents to catch up on his mortgage. But in reality, what you are signing is a deed by giving up your house. Generally, these owners do not know they have been scammed until they receive a notice of eviction.


3 ways to intelligently use a loan /3-ways-to-intelligently-use-a-loan/ Tue, 12 Mar 2019 14:20:31 +0000 Read More »]]>


Loans can become a great ally to meet goals and achieve personal goals , if used correctly and organized; or on the contrary it can become a burden when there is no management or ability to intelligently control a loan.

We want to share with you 3 recommendations that can help you intelligently manage a loan :

  1. It is advisable not to exceed the cost if you do not have enough resources to support the loans acquired. Many times we have the need or the objective of acquiring a good whose value is so high that we must resort to various sources of financing to obtain it and it is clear that this is a serious error, since it may be impossible to make the payments if we do not have enough income Ideally, make a budget and calculate based on your income and fixed commitments , take into account that the loans should never be greater than your income.
  2. Consolidate your debts is another smart way to use a loan, if you have many debts you can apply for a loan based on the total of debts you have, so that you only have a single loan under your responsibility, you will save money by paying only in a financial institution.
  3. Pay your bills the day they arrive, do not leave them aside and pay later. If you delay, you could end up paying high penalties.

2 ways not to get behind in the payment of your debts are

pay debt

Saving: Once you have the loan or even before applying, it is important that you develop your savings capacity. Separate 10% of your income each month , cut extra expenses or unnecessary exits to achieve it.

Organize your debts: Order your outstanding payments of personal loans and credits, assign them a place of priority depending on the time you have to pay it, starting with the debt that requires a shorter time to complete your payment.

These tips are basic to use a loan wisely , without suffering or stressing in the process. Start today to organize your debts and you can get rid of them in a short time.